Agrupamento de Escolas Irmãos Passos

Agrupamento de Escolas Irmãos Passos
Matosinhos - Portugalia
4460-105 Guifões

The "Agrupamento de Escolas Irmãos Passos" is a new and large group of schools since 2012. This group consists of seven kindergartens, seven 1st level schools (from 6 to 9 years old) and two other schools - Escola Básica Irmãos Passos and Escola Básica de Custoias - where 2nd and 3rd levels are taught (from 10 to 15 years old). They are situated next to the second large town in Portugal (Oporto) and belong to a nearby city called Matosinhos. http://www.eurofolklore-erasmusplus.eu

In addition they're inclusive schools open to students with some physical disabilities. Moreover a considerable number of students in this grouping come from disadvantaged social groups. There is also a significant number of inhabitants who are unemployed, some are drug addicted and some children live in an atmosphere of disharmony and insecurity. Children sometimes share experiences of negative moral values that are later reflected in the relationship between peers in school and come to lead to indiscipline and violence. In these poor socioeconomic conditions the horizons of knowledge are quite limited. Read more ...

September 2015 - February 2016

LOGO CONTEST Our first activity during the beginning of the Project was the Logo Contest. Art teachers set its rules up and pupils created their individual or own works according to Project Theme. ...

MASCOT CONTEST It was a contest with similar rules as the ones teachers decided with the Logo Contest. Students from different ...

FOLK ART WORKS Pupils from our school made some folk Portuguese products during Art and Handicrafts lessons. They chose two popular ...

FOLK COSTUMES Our students used the ICT facilities we have at our school and did a search on the internet about all partners' folk costumes. During Art lessons, in groups, ...

FIRST PARTNERS' PROJECT MEETING We hold the first Project Meeting at our school and decided about a Programme for students, teachers and Coordinators from partner countries during the last week of November. ...

SCHOOL TRIP TO ETHNOGRAPHIC MUSEUM There was a school trip to the Costume Museum in Viana do Castelo which is also an Ethnographic Museum with temporary exhibitions. Pupils could ...

FOLK COSTUMES AND MATERIAL CULTURE We started our activities by choosing our Erasmus+ corner(s) (one at the school hall and another at the library) and started our logo contest. ...

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March 2016 - June 2016

PORTUGUESE FOLK MUSIC Students from class 6th A (sixth grade) played and sang Portuguese folk music during Music lessons. They also sang the popular tune “Malhão”. ...

Students of Class I - 6th grade did a research about Portuguese Folk Instruments. They also made some drawings about them during Art classes. ...

FOLK MUSIC We started the second module with a school exhibition of the photos taken in Turkey during the transnational meeting in Istanbul. ...

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FOLK BAND OF SANTIAGO DE CUSTOIAS Rancho Folclórico de Custoias is our local folk band. It started in May 1953. More recently they got a Cultural Merit prize (in 2001) and another one in 2005 Association prize of collectivism. ...

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CLASS MAGAZINE This Magazine was an idea of our pupils from class 6 H. It is a summary of the activities during the first year of the Project. Their names are Andreia Oliveira, Beatriz Gonçalves, Bruna Reis, João Nuno Moura and João Pedro Matado.

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PORTUGUESE FOLK INSTRUMENTS Students from Class 6 I worked on Portuguese folk instruments and made this PDF document.

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FOLK BANDS Three pupils from class 5 I did a research about folk bands of all partner countries. Their names are Francisca Soares, Maria Francisca and Matilde Pereira

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Pupils of class 6 H prepared a show with pupils from class 6 I. They played, sang and danced together. Another group of a different school (Escola Básica Integrada da Barranha) joined us and played a typical rhythm with drums which is commonly seen during Portuguese folk festivals.
Playing instrumental

Dancing Malhão

Dancing Malhão 2

Our guests


September 2016 - January 2017

DRAWING RITES Pupils from our main school did some web surveys about national festivals and made some drawings about our rites. ...

Pupils from class 6 I did some surveys about Portuguese typical food recipes and illustrated them with their own drawings. There was a presentation of their works on the Project board ...

Pupils from both schools (our main school and ours) did different works about old jobs. Some made collage and others made drawings to illustrate their works and wrote short texts about each one.

(Almost) Forgotten Jobs
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TASTE CONTEST Pupils from the classes 6th G and 6th I with their parents' help prepared this contest and voted on their favourite recipe. This event took place near the school canteen. The most voted recipes were the Italian and Croatian ...

Portuguese Traditional Recipes
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Portuguese Calendar
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FOLK RITUALS Saint Vinko's Day in Vučedol is an event celebrated every year on 22 nd January at the Goldschmidt farm grounds. This event marks the beginning of the year's work in the ineyards and it starts with a blessing of the vineyards.

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Tiles Making Visit and workshop On May 17th, a group of students from class 6 I and three teachers visited a craftsman who works with tiles. They learnt about different techniques of tile making and pupils tried some of them. ...

This video was recorded during the visit. Because of room restrictions only a small group of students could visit the studio.
Visit Tile craftsman

February 2017 - June 2017



BARCELOS ROOSTER This short comic is about one of our popular legends and is also a symbol of our country. It was made by three students from class 6 G: Afonso Bastos, Carolina Soqueiro and Inês Oliveira.

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Legends about partners' countries During the month of February pupils did some surveys about ours and our partners’ legends. They wrote texts and made drawings to illustrate them. There was an exhibition at school about their works.

Comic Paintings Pupils from different classes made some comic drawings about tour chosen legend during Art lessons. They inserted their drawings to illustrate the legend.

Folk sculptures Students from class 6 H made sculptures about one of our famous symbols and ...

Making of Barcelo's Roosters The Making of Barcelos Rooster. These photos were taken during Art lessons when pupils from class 6 H were making the sculptures about the famous ...

Health and nutrition problems led the schools to establish a privileged partnership with health institutions, namely the Local Health Unit of Matosinhos. To fight the problem of academic failure, predisposition to early school leaving, learning difficulties constraints, and lack of commitment the school is involved in some national projects. It has been and will continue to be concerns of teaching staff to develop autonomy and self - esteem of students.

We want to help our children to become socially conscious and responsible as adults purchasing the notion of common identity and gradually developing an awareness of the European citizenship. We intend to foster a cooperative learning, create opportunities for leisure time of students and use ICT as an essential tool of work.

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