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Our school located in Kartal, İstanbul, is a public state school built in 1991. Then it was rebuilt and renewed in 2010. There are 70 staff, 63 teachers with 1300students situated in the biggest city of Turkey. The student age level of is 10-13. http://www.eurofolklore-erasmusplus.eu We have also a kindergarden aged 4-5. There are between 30 and 35 pupils in each class. The pupils are from different social classes.

Although we are a regular school, there are a few of pupils with special needs (hyperactivity disorder and /or learning difficulties ):they are integrated in the normal classes, cause they are part of society and are equal with others. Read more ...

September 2015 - February 2016

LOGO COMPETITION The Erasmus+ project logo competition was announced at our school in September. The pupils created a logo which represented the topic of our project "Small explorers in a magic world of the European folk culture". ...

THE FOLK COSTUME SHOW There was the partner countries' folk costume show organized for pupils among 7th classes within the project "Small explorers in a magical world of the European Folk Culture" in the Conference Hall of our school. ... Videoclip

CUMALIKIZIK THE OPEN-AIR MUSEUM Cumalıkızık, which has come to the present as one of the magnificent village locations of Ottoman's rural architecture, is a 700-year old foundation village and was established at the southern booms of Uludağ. ... Videoclip

Cumalıkızık Ethnography Museum, which was opened in 1992, are in the village arena. There are different kinds of stuff, which are dating from 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries and were handed out by the villagers, in Ethnography Museum. ...

MASCOT COMPETETION The Erasmus+ project mascot competition was announced at our school in January. The pupils created a mascot which represented the topic of our project "Small explorers in a magic world of the European folk culture". ...

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ORGANIZING SCHOOL COMPETITION "GUESS THE FOLK COSTUME" "Guess the folk costumes" competetion was organized among the 7thgrade students in the Erasmus+ project team at 50.Yıl General Refet Bele Secondary School. Videoclip

GETTING KNOWLEGDE ABOUT ETHNOGRAPHY MUSEUM AND ITS PRESENTATION In our school there was a presentation prepared by Mr Ayhan AYDIN, one of the teachers at our school. Mr Ayhan AYDIN gave information about the ethnography museum because we haven't been able to find any ethnographers ...

POTTER'S WORKSHOP - FOLKCRAFT Two different groups from the 7th grade students participated in the folkcraft lesson. First of all, the pupils were informed about making some objects using clay. Mrs Aynur ATEŞ AYDIN and Mr Ayhan AYDIN gave information about potteries. ... Videoclip

March 2016 - June 2016

THE VISIT OF TURKISH FOLK ACTOR TO OUR SCHOOL On 02 March 2016, within the framework of the project "The small explorers in a magical world of the European folk culture", our school hosted one of the famous Turkish movie and theatre actors, Mr. Cemal TOKTAŞ. He is a well-known actor in TURKEY.
His visit to our school had two big importance for us. Not only he is a well-known actor ...

TURKISH REGIONAL FOLK INSTRUMENTS Bağlama is the most commonly used string folk instrument in Turkey. It takes different names according to the regions and according to its size such as Bağlama, Divan Sazi, Bozuk, Çögür, Kopuz Irizva, Cura, Tambura, etc.

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FASHION SHOW PERIOD 16th- 19th CENTURIES It is assumed by the manner of their clothing that the ZEYBEK are the successors of the LEVEND freebooters who brought unrest to the population of Western Anatolia between the sixteenth and eighteenth century. Reports from ...

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Solemn ceremonies and children’s festivals take place throughout Turkey on National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, held on April 23 each year. The 23rd April Children’s Festival is a children’s festival which was dedicated to Turkish children by Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK, founder of the Republic of Turkey, to mark the opening of the Assembly. ...

The name of the first Turkish folk song is "Bilmem Şu Feleğin Bende Nesi Var" and the name of the second one is "Çanakkale Türküsü".
While our students were playing these two folk songs, ...

THE CONCERT OF THE TURKISH FOLK SONGS Kartal Municipality held 'The Concert of the Turkish folk songs called' Aşiklar Geçidi' in partnership with the Munacipilty of An-Der Hasan Ali Yücel Cultural Center on the 27 th of April. We brought some of our students from the 7th grade to this concert and had great impressions. The concert was a very good example of Deyiş(Speech)         Videoclip

The Erasmus+ project CD's cover The Erasmus+ project CD's cover competition was announced at our school in April. The pupils created CD's Covers which represented the topic of our project "Small explorers in a magic world of the European folk culture". ...

TRADITIONAL TURKISH FOLK DANCES Turkey has seven regions and each region has different folk dances.The first folk dance performance belongs to "Gaziantep" and Gaziantep is the city in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey.The second one belongs to "Trabzon" and Trabzon is the city in ... and the third one belongs to "Aydın" and Aydın is the city in the Aegean Region of Turkey.

September 2016 - January 2017

FORGOTTEN JOBS in TURKEY Pupils in the Erasmus + Team did different works about forgotten jobs. Some made collage works and others made drawings to illustrate their works and wrote short texts about each one. They did research into forgotten professions. ...

SMALL COOKS WERE READY TO MAKE A CAKE Small cooks were very busy while they were making a cake. They were so eager, happy and excited in each process of making the cake. ...

29th October Cumhuriyet Bayramı | Republic Day in Turkey On the 29th of every year Turkey celebrates Cumhuriyet Bayramı or Republic Day in Turkey. This day marks the anniversary of the declaration of the independence of Turkey. ...

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The 10th of November in Turkey, Commemorating Mustafa Kemal Atatürk At 09:05 on the 10th of November in Turkey in 1938 Mustafa Kemal Atatürk died at the Dolmabache Palace in İstanbul ending his 15 year Presidency of Turkey. Atatürk is known as the founder of the Turkish Republic and the first President Atatürk is known as the founder of the Turkish Republic and the first President ...

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Drawings Festivals

SCHOOL PARTY In our school a School Party was organized about Turkish traditional cuisine by the Parent-Teacher Association. The whole school involved in this party. The members of the Parent - Teacher Association cooked the meal and prepared everything for the students. They cooked and made traditional Turkish rice, chicken, ayran and for dessert, there was 'LOKMA'. While the students were having lunch with their friends, they had great time. Videoclip

SOME EXAMPLES from TRADITIONAL HOMEMADE TURKISH Our 8th grade students wanted to introduce the Turkish Cuisine. They chose what they would like to cook or make. They cooked all these traditional tastes at home. They happily went into the kitchen to cook the recipes of their own. ...

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When our teacher of English, Mrs ATEŞ toldabout forgotten jobs and our task about it for Erasmus + ' Small Explorers in a Magic World of the European Folk Culture ' we, Begüm TANGAL, Meltem PAK, Ata ATEŞ and Reşat Nuri GÜNTEKIN started to research our task immediately. We all found out ...

Calender 2017 Festivities in Turkey


FOLK CULTURE DICTIONARY QUIZ SHOW In our school we organized Folk Culture Dictionary Quiz Show in the Class 8-B. 17 students who took part in this quiz Show. We had four teams. The students established their group members by themselves. It was their own decision. ...

RIVA GLASS FURNACE FOUNDATION We organized a trip to Riva Glass Furnace Foundation to get information aboutthe process of the glass. It took almost two hours to arrive there. It is 40km far away from our school, 50.Yil General Reefet Bele Secondary School. ...

Turkish Traditional Home made White Cheese


INTERNATIONAL TASTES We organized 'The International Tastes Party' with Class 8-B. The whole class which consists of 27 students, prepared various tastes from Poland, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Lithuania, Spain and Turkey's cuisines.

They gathered and shared the cuisines. They cooked or made them at home and brought them to their class. The International Tastes Party was organized in Class 8-B. They were all very excited to taste and learn the way of their cooking or making. They learned one more thing about the European Folk Culture; it was about the kitchens of the countries. They found out the similarities and differences among us. As a result of this task, they all learned one more thing about folk cultures; the tastes of each other. They were really so happy to take part in this kind of Party. Videoclip

http://www.eurofolklore-erasmusplus.eu Students in Class 8-A tried to find out the most popular dishes of each country in "Small Explorers in a Magic World of the European Folk Culture". They wanted to introduce the dishes by Power-Point Presentations on the smart board in their class 8-A.

Selinay ŞEKER introduced the Lithuanian Cuisine.
Eylül Hazal AKKAYA introduced the Portuguese Cuisine.
Emine Ravza BAŞKAN introduced the Spanish Cuisine.
Sude BAYRAM introduced the Polish, Croatian and Italian Cuisines.
All the students explained the dishes by showing the pictures of them.They also gave detailed information about how they are cooked, prepared or served in each country. They noticed and learned that we have many similiar dishes among us. So, sharing European Folk Culture taught one more thing to them; Common or Similiar Tastes in Folk Cultures besides the different tastes as well. The students who got the chance to go to Portugal, Spain, Croatia were willing to present the cuisine of the country that they went because they had experienced and known the popular dishes of those places. All of the presentations were really very useful,informative, and enjoyable for the rest of the students in Class 8-A. Videoclip

POTTERY WORKSHOP We organized a Pottery Workshop at our school, 50. Yil General Refet Bele Secondary School.
82 students were involved in this workshop. Mr Karya YILDIZ, the pottery artist of the Ministry of Culture introduced the pottery art in details.

He said that making a pot is one of the mostimportant traditional art in our Folk Culture. He showed how to make small animals like cats, dinosaurs or swans in a very simple way. Then, he called each student and taught how to make a pot on the pottery-wheel using the wet red clay. He helped each student while they were trying to make his or her own pot. Finally, the pots were labelled with their name tags and put into the baskets. The students were really happy and excited while they were making their own pots. They were placed into the baskets because they were all made from wet red clay and they had to get them to be dried up in order to be furnaced in more or less 1100 or 1200 degrees Celcius. All the students have been looking forward to getting their pots. Videoclip

February 2017 - June 2017

Filmim SON


THE LEGEND of MAIDEN’S TOWER Maiden's Tower (KIZ KULESI) is one of the romantic symbol of Istanbul. It constructed first in the 12th century and present building get dates from 18th century. ...

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Exhibition of folk painting and sculptures During Technology and Design lessons, students were performing the folk sculptures and paintings. Works were made of self hardening clay, candle, soap, salt, dough, balloons, plastics, ponpons, iron pieces, pieces of tulles, beads, egg cartons, recycling marterials, etc. The students’ inspirations were works of folk creations from different folk cultures and regions. They were all very successful small creators and small explorers. ...

COMIC PAINTINGS Pupils from different classes made some comic drawings about our chosen legend during Art lessons. They inserted their drawings to illustrate the legends. They drew many, but in Class 8-B Begüm TANGAL became the winner of drawing the most well-known and popular comic paintings in Turkish folk culture. Nasreddin Hodja, Keloğlan and Temel ile Dursun.

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Their own folk paintings
During art lessons, students designed their own folk paintings using some different simple kinds of materials such as paper, cartoon , and hand work papers and made decorative pictures and paintings by hand. Nasreddin Hodja, Keloğlan and Temel ile Dursun. ...

As a school with professional staff and enthusiastic children, we have been participated on numerous occasions in local school contests. Our school has got three floors. We have a library (open to public), two science labs, one canteen, 42 classrooms, a staff room, a teachers' room, four assistant principal rooms, a principal's room, two computer rooms, a basketball court a tennis table a playground for their free time activity.

In some lessons pupils move to the classes not the teachers. Students have P.E classes either outside in the garden (in good weather) or do indoor exercises.

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